Lamborghini Is About To Launch The Fastest SUV In The World

If you think SUVs are just for soccer moms toting kids around, that’s because you haven’t yet heard of the Urus, which is poised to be the fastest SUV in the world.

Manufactured by none other than Italian luxury automaker Lamborghini, the Urus will be capable of reaching speeds upward of 187 mph. (We don’t recommend testing out this claim on your morning commute, however!)

“Our SUV will achieve more than 300 kph (187 mph) because it’s a Lamborghini. It’s our DNA,” Maurizio Reggiani, the company’s research and development chief, said at the Frankfurt auto show in September.

lamborghini urus photo
Getty Images | Alexander Hassenstein

“(We will) achieve the best lap time for an SUV on Nordschleife—this is a faster SUV,” Reggiani claimed, referring to the famous German race track.

In order to make that happen, the Urus will have to beat out the previous record holder, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, which retails for upwards of $100,000. The Urus was originally shown as a concept at the 2012 Beijing Motor show. Although it was well received, the economic crisis in Europe at the time delayed the car’s production, but the go-ahead was eventually given in 2015.


Both the Cayenne Turbo S. and the Urus have a turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine, but the Urus’ engine will be tuned to 650 horsepower, while the Cayenne Turbo S. only clocks in at 570 horsepower. The new Lamborghini will also feature front and rear anti-roll bars to enable it to make tight turns.

Lamborghini released a video sneak peek of the car on Twitter entitled “Sabbia,” which is Italian for sand.

Currently, the title of “fastest SUV in the world” belongs to the Bentley Bentayga, which makes 600 horsepower, reaches top speeds of 187 mph and can go from 0 to 60 mph in four seconds. With a price tag of more than $200,000, one should hope this car is fast!


Still, Reggiani is confident the Urus can beat those figures.

“Urus is the [sic] really the future of Lamborghini (with) all the DNA of the Huracán, Aventador, and LM002,” Reggiani told MotorAuthority. “(Bentley has) a different mission. If you buy a Bentley… you don’t buy a car for a statement. If you buy a Lamborghini, you buy it to say, ‘I have something different.’”

The super-fast SUV is set to debut Dec. 4. And prices are expected to start below $200,000. What a bargain!