Land O’Lakes now has pumpkin pie spice butter

Land O Lakes

Do you love fall? Do you love all things pumpkin? Who doesn’t?! Autumn is one of the most beautiful and festive times of year.

But while pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks used to be everyone’s favorite part of autumn, Land O’Lakes is giving ‘Bucks some seasonal competition with their latest offering: pumpkin pie spice butter spread.

Genius? Insane? Delicious? How about all of the above!

Land O’Lakes limited-batch pumpkin pie spice butter spread is made with real cream, brown sugar and seasonal spices that make the spread taste like a delicious slice of pumpkin pie. Reviewers have given the product a major thumbs up, with one calling it a “highly spreadable, magical concoction.”

This is the second year that Land O’Lakes has rolled out their pumpkin pie spice butter spread. You can find it at a grocery store near you, including at chains such as Wegman’s, Jewel, Hy-Vee and more.

Curious how to make the most of the pumpkin pie spice butter spread? Well, you can spread it on warm toast, English muffins, bagels or even pancakes. Some people put it on top of sweet potatoes, which sounds simply heavenly.

Or why not make pumpkin pie spice granola? Perfect for chilly fall mornings when you want a hearty, healthy brekkie. Get the recipe here.

Land O Lakes

Looking for a savory pumpkin dish for dinner? Then try pumpkin pie spice cream sauce with Rigatoni. Get the recipe here.

Land O Lakes

Of course, no fall recipe reportorie would be complete without pumpkin bread! Try this recipe for pumpkin spice quick bread, and use pumpkin pie spice butter spread in lieu of regular butter for an additional layer of pumpkin flavor.

Land O Lakes

Land O’Lakes is not alone in offering pumpkin pie spice flavored butter. Trader Joe’s also sells a seasonal favorite, pumpkin pie spice cookie butter.


The Trader Joe’s spread is made with pumpkin Joe-Joe’s cookies, real pumpkin puree and other seasonal spices. It’s wonderful to spread on pretzels or dollop on ice cream. Or … just eat right out of the jar.

What do you think? Do you love these seasonal pumpkin-flavored items? What’s your favorite?

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