The Largest Cruise Ship Ever Just Set Sail – And It’s Amazing!

I’ll tell you what— when Royal Caribbean designs a cruise ship, they inevitably have a “go big or go home” mindset. The largest cruise ship has just set sail, and it’s massive.

I’m talking 1,188 feet long, here, according to Business Insider. It’s equipped with 2,747 state rooms that’ll hold 6,780 guests, the publication reports.

Royal Caribbean

And those guests will have a whole lot of amenities at their disposal, including water slides, walls for rock climbing and a casino.

Royal Caribbean

One of the slides is reportedly 10 stories tall.

Royal Caribbean

Here’s one of the gorgeous dining rooms.

Royal Caribbean

There are different sections of the ship, called “neighborhoods,” each with a distinctive theme. So, you’re bound to find an architectural style that’s to your liking.

Royal Caribbean

So, when I said this is the cruise ship to beat all cruise ships, I meant it.

The boat has just set sail for the first time, and it’s headed towards Southampton England. The ship, named, “Harmony of the Seas,” will begin her first-ever seven night cruise from Barcelona, Spain in June, according to

The ship was reportedly commissioned to be built in 2012 and cost $1 billion to make. So, if you’re in for the vacation of a lifetime (and you don’t mind cruises), well, this is the boat you need to take. Check out this awesome video about it:

Check out this page for more details on the big ship.

[h/t: Business Insider]