The Last Blockbuster Store In America Will Soon Have Its Own Beer

They swear the beer tastes like the good ol' days!

Most of us have fond memories of going into Blockbuster movie rental stores. Sure, Netflix came around and was more convenient than swinging by Blockbuster after work on a Friday night, but that doesn’t mean the movie rental business model won’t always hold a special place in our hearts.

There is only one Blockbuster location that remains open in all of America, and it’s located in Bend, Oregon. Until July, there were also stores in Alaska, but those, too, have closed their doors.

But, now that Blockbuster is almost out of business, that final store is making the most of its last hurrah and has come up with the ultimate way to celebrate — a custom craft beer.

The Blockbuster in Bend has teamed up with local brewing company 10 Barrel Brewing to create its very own beer named, you guessed it, The Last Blockbuster.

The brewing company posted about the collaboration on Instagram:

“The last Blockbuster store in America is right here in Bend, and we were lucky enough to brew an extremely special beer with them,” the company wrote.


They swear the beer tastes like the good ol’ days.

“We promise each sip will deliver you back to a time when cracking open that blue and white VHS case was the sound of an epic Saturday evening,” the Instagram caption read.

Creating a beer should definitely get people buzzing about Blockbuster again — especially since there are those who would hate to see the movie rental chain completely die out.

Many movie buffs and ’90s fans reminisce about Blockbuster on Twitter:

Twitter user @dan_hawthorne recalled “the feeling when the video finished rewinding.” Those were the days, huh?:


Some are still hoping Blockbuster stores will survive the digital age:


If you’re interested in saving the final Blockbuster to make sure it sticks around for as long as possible, there’s a petition you can sign online. Visit the “Save The Last Blockbuster” campaign online and add your name to the list to try and keep the store in business.

For now, the last Blockbuster doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. And according to Delish, the beer is set to be released on Sept. 21. The brewing company confirmed the launch party will take place, of course, at the Blockbuster store — so if you’re nearby or are willing to road trip to Oregon, don’t miss it!