Customers can’t get enough of this new Trader Joe’s product

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Trader Joe’s is a great place to shop for the stuff you just can’t find anywhere else, and this latest item to be spotted at the grocery store will prove it to you. Now, you’re into the idea of a healthy pizza crust alternative, right? If so, you’re going to love the fact that cauliflower pizza crust has been spotted in the Trader Joe’s freezer aisle.

The Instagram account thetraderstable was the first to point out this new item, but it hasn’t been officially announced by the brand yet, so it may take some time before the new pizza crust is available at Trader Joe’s stores nationwide.

It’s definitely worth stopping by your local store to see if it’s in stock, though, because once the word spreads, this is bound to sell out quickly. Because seriously, you just can’t beat cauliflower pizza crust that you don’t have to make yourself.

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Cauliflower is a great healthy substitute for rice, mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets and yes, even pizza crust. But the act of actually turning the vegetable into a flat “crust” for pizza toppings can definitely be easier said than done.

That’s precisely why you’re going to love Trader Joe’s for doing all the work for you. Just when you thought you couldn’t adore this store anymore, they go and surprise you! You shouldn’t have, Trader Joe’s. (Okay, we’re kidding—you most definitely should have, and we can’t thank you enough, actually).

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Not only is this version of pizza crust healthier than most, it’s also a great gluten-free option. Based on the photo of the packaging, this cauliflower crust is made with cauliflower and corn flour, so clear out some room in your freezer!

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You’ll also find some other cauliflower-based foods on the new products page on the Trader Joe’s website. Right now, you can pick up mac and cheese made with cauliflower as well as a pickled cauliflower medley. (Is there anything that can’t be made with cauliflower?!) So, if you can’t get enough of this versatile vegetable, head on over to Trader Joe’s now.

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