This Machine Steams And Folds Your Laundry For You, Because Technology Is Amazing

Ah, laundry. That beast of a chore. Chances are, there’s one part of the process that you hate more than others.

For some, it’s the whole getting started, others seem to get stuck transferring loads and then there’s folding. Especially if you have littles at home, it can take a shockingly long amount of time to fold all those teeny-tiny little clothes.

Because the future has apparently arrived, a laundry folding machine now exists. That’s right. While pre-orders for the product, from a company called FoldiMate, won’t begin until 2017, this is a machine worth waiting a year for.



To get started, you clip the items you want folded to the outside of the FoldiMate, as shown above, then the machine gets to work folding them. As if this weren’t enough, the machine also steams out wrinkles in case you may have left clean, dry clothes in the dryer for a little too long (I don’t know about you, but this happens in my house all the time). Want a deodorizing or sanitizing spritz to boost? The FoldiMate’s got you covered there, too.


Folding takes about 10 seconds per item, and each “load” can take 10-30 items, depending on the garment’s thickness. Steaming and sanitizing can take another 10-30 seconds. The machine will cost around $850 when it’s released, so it’s certainly not a steal but think about how many precious minutes of your life you will save!

Watch this miracle machine in action below and sign up on their site in order to receive notification when pre-orders start in 2017.

Now if only they could invent a machine that puts the laundry away after it’s folded…