9 Laundry Tips to Keep Your Clothes Looking Brand-New

Laundry is one of those household chores that seems to never really be done. Wouldn’t it be nice if at least the end result was less of a hassle with more reward? Learn how to protect your clothes and keep them looking brand-new with these nine simple laundry tips. You may even end up washing less often!

Wash Inside Out

This is a must — along with using cold water — for dark-dyed fabrics like denim. If you’re really concerned about fading, hand-wash those slacks! Lastly, skip the dryer and air-dry flat. This tip goes for black pants and any shirts or dresses with beading and embellishments, too.

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Treat And Wash Stains Right Away

If you let stains linger, you may end up washing the same garment multiple times or ruining it altogether. If you’re using a stain treatment product, make sure it’s made for clothing and the fabric you are treating. Better yet, you probably have everyday items on hand to treat the 12 most common stains.

Don’t Use Chlorine Bleach

Treat your clothing and the environment with care by avoiding using chlorine bleach when possible. It will break down fabric fibers over time and there are plenty of natural brightening alternatives such as vinegar, lemon, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Air-Dry When Possible

Obviously, not everyone has unlimited space to air-dry all of our clothes. Even so, it is a good idea to be choosy about what goes in the dryer. In addition to dark pants, denim and embellished clothing, you’ll also want to avoid tossing elasticized items like bras and bathing suits in the dryer so they don’t lose their stretch.

Photo by The Lingerie Addict
Photo by The Lingerie Addict

Use Mesh Bags

Lingerie bags, mesh bags or even a simple pillowcase are all perfect for keeping socks, undergarments and tights from getting roughed up by the rest of the wash. Plus, you get the added bonus of keeping socks together for easy matching. A pillowcase is also a great option for overalls, so they don’t damage other clothes or chip your dryer.

Don’t Overwash

You don’t really need to wash every item after each wear. Plus, by washing less you save precious water, energy and detergent resources, while also preserving your clothes. The common rule for washing denim is every four to five wears. The natural fibers of wool clothing resist stains, odors and make you less likely to sweat, keeping them wearable longer. In general, check your clothes before you toss them in the hamper for signs of soils or smells. If they’re good, wear again before washing.


Button, Zip And Snap Before You Wash

Take a few extra moments before you throw everything in the hamper or wash to zip, button and snap up your clothes. This prevents closures from catching on other clothing and keeps buttons from pulling or loosening.

The Delicate Cycle Isn’t Just For Delicates!

Try using the delicate cycle for loads that are light and not heavily soiled. A delicate cycle uses cold water and will tumble and spin clothes around less than a regular cycle. Always check washing instructions on your garments the first time you wash them so you can choose the appropriate cycle. You may be surprised to learn that many recommend washing on delicate or gentle.

Consider A Washer Without An Agitator

If you’re in the market for a new washer, consider a front-loading or top-loading washer without an agitator. While some swear the agitator gets clothes the cleanest, it can also be harsher on fabrics because it twists them. Many newer washers don’t have agitators and instead rely on impellers for washing, which is gentler on clothes. Washers that use impellers are usually high-efficiency and have the added bonus of more space for larger items like blankets.

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Whether you try all of these tips or just a few, you’re sure to keep your clothes looking newer for longer. You may even save some money, too!

How do you keep your clothes looking like new?