Lay’s is releasing flamin’ hot dill pickle potato chips for a limited time


If one food had the power to take over the world, there is no doubt in my mind that it would be pickles. They are literally everywhere — from cheesecake and pizza to pool floats and even the inspiration for a pair of shoes.

The latest creation that pickle lovers can get their hands on comes from Lay’s. It’s a twist on their dill pickle chips — this time, with some added kick. That’s right, you can now find Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle chips on store shelves nationwide for a limited time.


I had the chance to try them — while they are pretty darn hot, you can still taste the dill pickle flavor. If you’ve had the regular dill pickle chips, they are similar to those, but with some additional heat.

Along with the Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle chips, you’ll also find two other new chips on store shelves: Electric Lime and Sea Salt and Beer Cheese. While lime is definitely not my favorite flavor — especially on a potato chip — these ones were actually pretty exciting and made me look forward to warmer weather.

As a big fan of beer cheese, I have to say the chips got it right and really nailed the flavor. While I didn’t try dipping them in some actual beer cheese, I have a feeling that would make for a great combination.


The new flavors are part of Lay’s “Turn Up the Flavor” program inspired by different music genres: pop (Electric Lime and Sea Salt), hip hop (Flamin’ Hot and Dill Pickle) and rock (Beer Cheese).

As part of the program, every purchase of one of the limited-edition flavors allows you to download new, exclusive music from singer Bebe Rexha. When you buy the chips, you are also automatically entered into a contest for a chance to win music-themed prizes, like Live Nation Concert Cash to use toward concert tickets. To download the music or enter to win, just head to Lay’s website and enter the code you’ll see on the bag of chips.


Which of these three new flavors are you most excited to try?

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