Lay’s Fried Pickles With Ranch Chips Have Returned To Sam’s Club

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While shopping at my local Sam’s Club last weekend, my husband spotted something beyond my wildest dreams: Lay’s fried pickles with ranch potato chips.

You see, ever since having my first fried pickle in Tennesee about 10 years ago, I have slowly become obsessed. I order fried pickles wherever I go and eat all the pickle-flavored snacks I can get my hands on. Apparently, however, I am behind in the times. These chips were actually around last year when Lay’s launched eight different varieties of chips for their Tastes of America contest.

The fried pickles with ranch chips represented the Midwest and were inspired by state fairs. They disappeared from shelves, but we can confirm they are officially back. We don’t know just how long they’ll be sticking around, though. So if they’re on your list of snacks you have to have, your best bet is to head to Sam’s Club soon.

Sam's Club

If (or when?) they do disappear from shelves again, Lay’s does have dill pickle chips to help you avoid a total shock to your system. Or, of course, you could make your own fried or baked pickles. You could also step it up a notch and make these pickle mozzarella sticks. Or how about this dill pickle party mix, dill pickle hummus or dill pickle pasta salad?

If you’d rather dedicate your time to just eating all things flavored like dill pickles, you could also pick up this dill pickle chip dip. You could even double up on the pickle taste, and dip your fried pickles with ranch chips or dill pickle chips. Or better yet, why not chop up some actual dill pickles and try them in the dip?

Heluva Good pickle dip
Heluva Good

Those who were fans of the other flavors released during the Lay’s contest — such as New England lobster roll, pimento cheese or Chesapeake Bay crab spice — might be out of luck. I searched for all of the other flavors from the campaign, and while they once were for sale on Amazon and at Target, none are currently available.

Will you be picking up a bag of Lay’s fried pickles with ranch chips before they disappear again?