Learn How To Fold A Fitted Sheet In Less Than 2 Minutes

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Every time a fitted sheet comes out of the dryer, an intense internal debate begins: Do you try to piece this ridiculously shaped linen into a tight, flat rectangle? Or do you just go ahead and wad it up into a ball to avoid the frustration?

Most of us usually end up somewhere in the middle with a sort of rumpled rectangle, and then we do our best to tuck and hide any unruly corners that have refused to conform.

Fortunately, Jill Cooper of Living on a Dime has a foolproof method for folding fitted sheets that only takes two minutes to complete.


And, if you’ve been tucking those wayward corners in at the end, you are on the right track!

A key piece of Cooper’s strategy is making sure that the corners are tucked in. Cooper suggests fitting one corner into the other right at the very beginning, which makes the rest of the folding process go so much more smoothly.

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Once you’ve got those corners tucked in, it makes it much easier to fold the sheet — almost as if you’re folding a regular flat sheet.

Make sure you tackle fitted sheets on a flat surface. You’ll need it for smoothing and straightening as you go.

Watch the video below for the full tutorial — and you’ll never have to wrestle with rumpled fitted sheets again!

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If you want to take your fitted sheet-folding skills to the next level, Cooper recommends storing the folded fitted sheet, along with the top sheet and any additional pillowcases right inside of one of the pillowcases to keep the entire sheet set in one tidy little bundle. What a clever idea!

After you’ve mastered the fine art of folding fitted sheets, you will no longer have to hide your disorderly disorderly linen closet.

You may even “accidentally” leave the closet door open to show off your handiwork.


If your new-and-improved linen closet, with rows of neatly folded sheets tucked inside pillowcases, has you feeling inspired to organize the rest of your house, then you’ll want to check out our list of seven things organized people always have in their homes.

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