LED eyelashes literally make your eyes light up

Want to light up your eyes in an innovative way? Then you might want to check out what could be a new fashion trend: LED eyelashes!

These fake eyelashes, known as F.lashes, will truly make your eyes shine and sparkle. Co-creator Then Pham recently showed off the illuminating invention at Maker Faire 2017, a convention for tech inventors and innovators. Pham caused quite a stir with his glowing lashes.

Can you imagine a night out on the town with those lashes?

The new F.lashes will come in a variety of colors, including pink, red, light blue, white, yellow and green. More options may become available when the makers find the appropriate LEDs, according to the F.lashes Facebook page.

How Do You Use LED Eyelashes?

Pham got such a big response to his LED lashes that he decided to post answers to all the questions he received on Facebook.

One of the most popular questions from fans: How easy are they to use? Pham wrote that you only need regular eyelash glue to apply them. The controller has a watch battery, which gets attached to the back of the head by hair clips. Total time for application? Two minutes. They can even be reused like regular fake eyelashes, as long as the connections stay intact.

Because the controller uses only a watch battery, it emits no heat and has no shock danger for the user. Phew! That’s a relief.

Most importantly, Pham says the light from F.lashes will not hurt your eyes.

“In fact, I often can’t tell I have them turned on,” he wrote on the F.lashes Facebook page. “I have to cup my hand over my eye to see the light. You might see a bit of light when you’re in a dark room, but it’s not much.”

F.lashes Kickstarter Launching Soon

You can’t pick up a pair of F.lashes just yet, though. Pham plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign by mid-July 2017, if not sooner. He told his Facebook fans he’s not sure how much they will cost right now, but wrote, “I am going to keep the price as low as possible because I really just want people to have these.”