Could this leg band replace pain pills?

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Chronic pain is difficult to live with and, often, difficult to relieve. Pain medications may help, but they also come with some hefty side effects. At-home remedies such as warming and cooling gels or other muscle relaxants can also work, but the soothing effects don’t last long. So what’s a person living with pain to do? The Quell band claims to be the answer.

The Quell leg band is a device that can be worn on your upper calf. It’s very discreet, but the relief it brings will definitely catch your attention.

How Does It Work?

Quell comes equipped with an electrode that delivers transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). This method uses electronic signals to stimulate the body enough so that it no longer notices pain. This type of stimulation is said to be good for all kinds of pain relief, including arthritis and lower back pain.

You can wear the Quell band for 24 hours a day, and while you’ll feel a tingling sensation as you wear it, you can adjust the vibration to be as strong or as light as you’d like.

The Reviews

Quell sounds like some sort of miracle product, and it also comes with a somewhat hefty price tag. It retails for nearly $250 on Amazon. And according to those who have tried it out, the results aren’t necessarily consistent. Some people have loved the product, while others were disappointed with the lack of results. Still others were somewhat happy with the level of pain relief, but disappointed with the product’s design, given the price point.

“…my main issues are not in what it does or proposes to do, but in the materials used on the actual products,” one dissatisfied customer wrote. “Firstly, the packaging is beautiful and one of those ‘Apple-like’ experiences that gives you the ‘ooooo ahhhh’ feeling when unwrapping a new device. The packaging and marketing is extremely effective—but I must say that the materials used on the neoprene strap, the electrodes and the plastic unit itself seem substandard.”

Another was pleased with the pain relief, but experienced burns from the device. “The product does address pain in a ‘positive’ manner; however, the electrodes have caused a major ‘burn type’ rash on my leg,” they wrote.

Yet there are those who have had no problems with the device whatsoever. “I’ve had the device for less than 2 weeks and I cannot speak highly enough about this device,” one Amazon review read. “I’ve had chronic pain for 8 years, had a laminectomy that relieved the nerve impingement but not the damage. This device is definitely worth it!!”

One customer pointed out the best feature of all—if you don’t love it, you can return it. “I tried this for my localized nerve pain, back pain, and headaches. I used it for several weeks with no relief. It is not the magic product it claims to be. (However, they will give you a complete refund if it doesn’t work for you.),” one person wrote on Facebook.

TENS Technology

The Quell leg band isn’t the only TENS product on the market. However, the others aren’t nearly as wearable in terms of design. However, they are much cheaper. This one, for example, is available for $26.99 online:


So if you’re new to TENS, you may want to try out a more affordable version before you invest in Quell—but hey, you never know. You could be one of the happier customers and, if not, you’ll get a full refund. An end to your pain or your money back? Sounds like a good deal to us.