Lego Bricks For Adults Are Here – Check Out What You Can Build With These

Have you ever played with Lego as an adult? And have you ever thought it would be amazing to have a larger size that you could build real stuff with? Well, your thoughts have been answered. Arnon Rosan had that same idea and from that he founded a company called EverBlock.

EverBlock is a modular system made up of interlocking for scale blocks (similar to that of Lego). With EverBlock you can build real world items like furniture, art, or room dividers. The blocks come in 14 colors, three different sizes, and weigh from two pounds to quarter of a pound.

  • Full (12″ long)
  • Half (6″ long)
  • Quarter (3″ long)

Rosan is looking to expand his offering to include doors and windows. Ultimately, he wants EverBlock to become a new material used across many construction industries.

Here are a few of the cool concepts built with EverBlock: