LEGO House in Denmark is set to open in September


Get ready, LEGO fans. LEGO mecca is about to open in Billund, Denmark this fall. That’s right, this new property, dubbed “LEGO House,” is the new must-visit destination for anyone and everyone who loves LEGOS.

Set to open on Sept. 28, LEGO House is a 130,000-square-foot building filled to the brim with everything LEGO, including a public square, exhibitions, three restaurants, a conference center, a LEGO shop, and more. And, of course, it was built to actually look like it was made out of LEGOs. Designed by architect Bjarke Ingels, the building is built with a combination of white and LEGO’s trademark primary colors, complete with rooftop terraces.

The coolest thing about LEGO House has to be the color-coordinated experiences you can have inside. The house is divided into “Experience Zones,” which are color-coded areas geared towards certain skills. The red zone is for building structures, the yellow zone is about emotions, the blue zone is for problem-solving, and the the green zone is about communication. Each zone has specific tasks and activities that fit the theme. Awesome, right?

The ticket price also includes admission to the Masterpiece Gallery, featuring incredible works made with LEGOs, and the History Collection, which showcases information about LEGO as a company.  You have to buy tickets to enter the color zones, but you can access the restaurants and other public spaces without one.

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Jester Vilstrup, the general manager of LEGO House told Real Simple: “We built LEGO House so our fans of all ages can have the ultimate LEGO experience all year round. Children and adults alike are invited to come explore their creativity in a series of experiences where we have used the idea of fun, play, and learning to celebrate the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick.”

Prebook your tickets here on the LEGO House website. Tickets are the same price for both adults and children, at about $32 (199 DKK, in Danish money). It’s free for kids 2 and under. And hey, if you can’t spring for a flight to Denmark just yet, you can buy the 774 piece LEGO model of LEGO House and build it at home instead.

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