Lego Just Released Its Largest Set Ever, And It Is Available On Black Friday

It has over 9,000 pieces!

Lego’s largest brick set to-date may be the perfect activity for anyone staying home and looking for a challenge this holiday season.

The company is releasing the new Lego Colosseum set on Black Friday, and it’s huge! It has 9,036 pieces and is designed to look very much like the actual architecture of the Roman amphitheater.

“The build experience has even been expertly created to match the same process as the original, with the ‘wooden’ LEGO arena being the last build to be placed on the LEGO model, as it has been in the 1990s,” Lego said in a press release.

Lego Colosseum

The massive Lego structure seems perfect for a history teacher’s classroom or an Italy enthusiast’s living room. Lego says the set even has 80 “ribs” in the spectator stands, which is the exact same number as the original. There are three different shades of brick to replicate the different columns and aging of the Colosseum, which is nearly 2,000 years old.

The Colosseum features arches that have been recreated with Lego brick detailing, “allowing a view into the centre of the Colosseum from the outside, just like its real-life counterpart,” the company said.

Lego Colosseum

The display can be seen from any angle, and it sits on an oval base.

The southern side of the building has been destroyed by various earthquakes and natural disasters throughout its centuries on Earth. The northern wall is the more complete side.

Lego Colosseum

The Colosseum set was created by Lego brick architect Rok Zgalin Kobe, who said he had to think about how to convey the monumentality of the structure in Lego form.

“I felt that the Lego model should display a special architectural feature of the original — the rows of columns flanking the arches in different styles. To achieve that, the model is constructed using an effect of vertical exaggeration. The cross-section is therefore far steeper than on the real structure,” Kobe said.

The Colosseum set stands at more than 10 inches high, 20 inches wide and 23 inches deep, so you’ll need to make some serious space for this if it’s going to be displayed in your home!

The set launches on Black Friday, which is Nov. 27. It will be available at Lego stores and on Lego.com as part of the company’s Black Friday offerings. Lego VIP members who buy the Colosseum set during Black Friday and Cyber Monday will get a limited-edition gift with their purchase — a Roman chariot to go alongside the Colosseum.