Lego-Themed Restaurant Serves Edible ‘Lego Burgers’

Legos are pretty versatile. People build all kinds of creative things with them, you can decorate your home with them, and an architect actually turned his entire basement into a “Lego lounge.” But now, there’s a Lego burger that’s actually edible!

A Lego-themed restaurant in the Philippines, cleverly named Brick Burger, is serving up 10 different burgers, and their buns look exactly like the colorful building blocks. Check out the snap below of one of the delicious-looking burgers. The bun really does look like a Lego, doesn’t it?

Brick Burger owner Jergs Correa said he wanted to create a restaurant especially for Lego lovers, and it seems like he certainly accomplished his goal! Brick Burger says their spot is one of a kind.

“I think we are the first Lego-themed restaurant in the world that serves buns, Lego brick buns,” Ralph Abogado, Brick Burger’s head of marketing, told Mashable.

The burgers are named after characters from 2014’s “The Lego Movie,” including The Emmet (which is a standard burger), the Wyldstyle that comes with spicy sauce, Nacho Tuesday (in reference to the movie’s “Taco Tuesday” jokes) and a Darth Burger, pictured below.

Instagrammer @rose_bodo says it comes with caramelized onions, bacon, mushroom, garlic and BBQ sauce. And of course, a black Lego-like bun to top it off!

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In addition to burgers, the restaurant has also introduced “Brick Desserts.” These sundaes feature an edible brick that looks like it takes the place of a wafer cookie, as well as an edible Lego-esque mini-figure on top.

The Lego theme goes beyond the cuisine. The restaurant is decorated in Lego memorabilia. Customers can even play with Legos while they wait for their food. Check out their latest Lego-created Batman display.

If burgers aren’t your thing, don’t worry. The restaurant also serves up wings, hot dogs, pasta and more.

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So is Lego on board with this kitschy restaurant? Judging by their emoji-only response to this Tweet about the themed burgers, that’s a maybe.