Lego waffle maker lets you play with your food


Remember when mom used to say, “Don’t play with your food?” Most of the time, it was probably because we had a plateful of something that wasn’t exactly a favorite. But what if playing with your food were actually encouraged?

A team of fun-loving foodies from Connecticut who call themselves Waffle Wow launched the Building Brick Waffle Maker on Kickstarter on March 24. With a little ingenuity and some re-designing of a classic waffle maker, this team created a kitchen gadget that makes waffles look like those iconic building bricks we loved as kids.

Kickstarter | Waffle Wow

“So we thought it would be great to add some imagination to breakfast,” said one of the co-founders, Nick, on the company’s Kickstarter video. “Easy to bake. Fun to create and delish to demolish.”

The Building Brick Waffle Maker bakes 10 short brick waffles, two long brick waffles, and two individual brick waffles in each batch. All you have to do is add your favorite waffle batter mix, whether homemade or store-bought. After you’ve created your perfect waffle, you can let your imagination run wild with all the waffle-building possibilities! The fun food makers at Waffle Wow even showed off some of their ideas to get people inspired.

How about a waffle pickup truck?

Waffle Wow

You’ve heard of Log Cabin maple syrup, right? How about a waffle log cabin to go along with that bottle of syrup?

Waffle Wow

Or perhaps if you’re looking for a larger place to spread out your butter (and your farm animals), you could always try building a ranch house!

Waffle Wow

At press time, nearly 3,000 people have already pledged to buy the Building Brick Waffle Maker and have spent more than $189,000 to get in on the fun!

You can order the Building Brick Waffle Maker on Kickstarter starting at $50. For a $75 pledge, you not only get the waffle maker, but also two construction plates that are the perfect foundation for your building masterpieces. Shipments are expected to go out starting in August 2020.

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