Lemon pie with blueberry meringue is almost too pretty to eat

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Food experts love to say that food is enjoyed just as much with the eyes as it is by the mouth. I’m going to be honest here. Most of the desserts I make taste pretty good, but they’re not exactly eye candy. But, just like I enjoy going to a museum to see masterpieces I can never aspire to create, I love seeing recipes and photos of culinary delights that rise to the level of art.

This lemon blueberry meringue pie from PureWow is a great example of this kind of mastery. The standard lemon meringue pie is already a lovely dish for its simplicity. But adding blueberries to the meringue provides a gorgeous contrast in color with the lavender cloud sitting on top of the bright-yellow custard.


The blueberries give the meringue a shade of lavender that strike a stunning contrast against other colors in bakes as well.

These hazelnut brownies topped in blueberry meringue that @bakebydavidsen posted are absolutely gorgeous. The meringue is an unexpected topping for brownies, but it looks great against the brownies’ chocolatey crust, and edible flowers add a lovely touch for spring, don’t they?


Other bakers are adding blueberry to a more traditional way of baking meringue — cookies. Look at the pretty purple swirls the blueberry creates on these cookies @craftingtheharvest posted:


This one is picture-perfect. Instagrammer @boutique_patisserie’s dollops of violet meringue, delicately browned, sit on top of the lemon custard tart like a royal purple crown. The final flourish of fresh flowers makes this dessert almost too dreamy.


And @roots_seb shows that there’s beauty in the simplicity of pure meringue, too. These blueberry meringues aren’t a topper, and with the swirls, they’re certainly showy enough to stand alone. Sometimes less is more!


These beautiful desserts give me plenty of inspiration to keep trying to elevate my desserts’ presentation as well as its flavor. Who knows, maybe more practice will make perfection!

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