These sweet, tangy lemon raspberry muffins are the perfect spring breakfast

Cookie and Kate

Bright springtime mornings call for bright flavors. These zingy muffins from Cookie and Kate combine the ripe flavor of raspberries with a pop of lemon — and best of all, they’ve got some whole-food tweaks for the health-food fans at the table.

The stars of the show are raspberries, of course. Tangy and nutrient-rich, they’re a great breakfast staple — though they’re not in high season until mid-summer. Blogger Kate of Cookie and Kate is fine with using frozen raspberries, though, so snag some at the grocery if you don’t want to wait.


Kate prefers organic raspberries and notes that because of their small size, there’s no need to defrost frozen berries before folding them into the muffin batter.

Now, about that batter: Kate uses whole-wheat flour instead of highly refined all-purpose flour. For sweetener, honey or maple syrup — not refined cane sugar — is the order of the day. The only added sugar in this recipe is a sprinkle of turbinado sugar on top just before the muffins go in the oven. Kate’s all about letting the ingredients speak for themselves.

You won’t find any butter here, either. Kate subs in plain Greek yogurt — any fat percentage will do — and recommends olive or coconut oils for the other fats.


The muffins are surely delicious without it, but Kate also adds in a little lemon zest for a lovely kick of citrus.

Other than those healthy little changes, these muffins are like any other: Mix your wet ingredients together, mix up the dry ingredients, then blend the two. Add in your raspberries and the batter is ready to go into the muffin tin.

Click here to see the full recipe and list of ingredients.

I can totally picture making these sometime very soon. Nothing better than hot coffee and a sweet treat on a dewy spring morning!

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