Let’s Help This Disney Employee Find The Boy With Autism That Lost His Lanyard

Social media can be a great outlet to turn to when you need information, and quickly. Now is a time to really put the power of social media to the test. I assure you, you’re going to want to help out with this one because it is for a truly good cause.

Disneyland staffer Emily Gibby needs your help locating a little boy with autism that lost his lanyard. Attached to the lanyard was a handwritten note that read, “Hello! I am autistic, and I don’t talk much, but I would like to trade for Mickey pins!” And Gibby has been on the search for the owner ever since.

She posted to Facebook eliciting the help of anyone who could help her locate the individual who lost this. It was found at the Disneyland Hotel, according to The Mighty.

Because it was Mickey pins the individual was in search of, the staffers took it upon themselves to fill the strap with pins and even went so far as to attach a medallion to it. So, if they find whomever this belongs to, it could really make this little guy’s day!

Alright Cast Members I need your help! This morning during the pin release I was working, we found this red lanyard with…

Posted by Emily Fuller Gibby on Thursday, March 24, 2016

And not having it could be potentially upsetting. According to The National Autistic Society, those with autism can get very attached to inanimate objects, and they also like consistency.

“Many people with autism have a strong preference for routines and sameness. Routines often serve an important function – they introduce order, structure and predictability and help to manage anxiety. Because of this, it can be very distressing if a person’s routine is disrupted,” according to the organization’s website.

Not having this lanyard could be very distressing to the person who lost it. Which is why we need you and the power of the Internet to help Gibby get this back to the person it belongs to.

If you have any information that might be helpful you can contact Disneyland’s lost and found department at (714) 817-2166.

[h/t: The Mighty]