15 Life-Changing Cleaning Products You Can Buy For Under $15

Easily clean every hard-to-reach nook and cranny of your home!

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While you might not list housekeeping as one of your favorite pastimes, you probably love the satisfaction and peace of mind you gain from having a sparkling clean house. A cleaning schedule and good habits are the keys to a spotless home, but useful tools and gadgets can make the process easier. Check out these cleaning products that are effective, efficient and even enjoyable to use. Bonus: they’re easy on your budget, too.

1. Scouring Brush

Stainless steel scouring pads are effective on pots and pans, sinks and other surfaces, but they can be rough on your hands. These scrubbers have handles and are replaceable. Get a three-pack for $10.33.


2. Microwave Steam Cleaner

The splattered remnants of frozen burritos, leftovers and who knows what coat the interiors of many microwaves. This fun gadget—which works like an erupting volcano—makes light work of cleanup with just water and vinegar.


3. Double-Sided Window Cleaner

This tool simplifies the cleaning of hard-to-reach exterior windows with the help of strong magnets, allowing you to clean both sides of the glass at the same time.


4. Sticky Cleaning Slime

If you ever eat at your computer, the keyboard may be filled with crumbs. This gooey gel picks up those little bits and is great for cleaning other surfaces, as well.


5. Chainmail Scrubber

Nothing cooks quite like cast iron, but you have to take great care when cleaning it. This chainmail scrubber will remove the grime without stripping the seasoning.


6. Car Duster

Getting into your car’s crevices and crannies is a breeze with these convenient gizmos, which have a (washable) vent cleaner on one end and a dusting brush on the other.


7. Microfiber Glove

Wipe dust, dirt and grime right off your window coverings with this “handy” cleaning product.


8. Pan Scrapers

No need to soak pots and pans overnight hoping the stuck-on gunk will loosen up. These tough yet gentle scrapers can even get into the edges of cookware.


9. Crumb Sweeper

Cleaning up the dinner table is a tedious chore, and half of the stuff falls on the floor, causing more work for you. Use this practical gadget to sweep away the mess.


10. Silicone Scrubber

Slip this scrubbing tool onto your fingers and clean a plethora of surfaces, from makeup brushes to furniture to laundry and more.


11. Reusable Burner Protectors

Some messes are easier to prevent than to clean. Keep your stove spotless with these reusable liners.


12. Panini Press Brush

Indoor grills and sandwich presses let you make all sorts of delicious dishes, but they can be difficult to clean. This brush has a non-stick-safe brush on one side and a silicone scraper on the other for fat and easy cleanup.


13. Fridge Cleaner

Your refrigerator likely collects its fair share of spills and other grungy messes. This comical cleaning product uses water and vinegar to soften the grime and save you tons of time.


14. Cutlery Scrubber

Knives should never go in the dishwasher or soak in the sink. You can clean them without any hassle using this cleaning product, which wipes both sides of a blade simultaneously.


15. Baseboard Mop

Your house isn’t really clean unless it’s been dusted and scrubbed from top to bottom. This cleaning tool lets you dust the baseboards and other trim around your home without breaking your back.


Tidying up doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. You simply need to find the right tools for the job and for your budget.

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