Lindt just opened the world’s largest chocolate museum

Lindt Home of Chocolate

Gourmet chocolatier Lindt has newly opened the world’s largest chocolate museum, and commanding attention at the entrance of this real-life Candyland in Switzerland is a 30-foot chocolate fountain.

With nearly 400 gallons of velvety chocolate flowing through it, the fountain is a work of art and a one-of-a-kind museum amenity. As tempting as it may be, you can’t dip any treats into the chocolate fountain, but thankfully the museum offers plenty of tasting opportunities and a gift shop filled with chocolate to satiate your sweet tooth.

The 215,000 square-foot Lindt Home of Chocolate located in Zurich offers an interactive tour for visitors who are curious about the bean-to-bar process and want to learn about all things chocolate. Here, guests can learn about the cocoa cultivation process in Ghana, the history of the treat and how Spanish explorers brought cocoa back to the royal courts of Europe, as well as how Switzerland became renowned for its milk chocolate and a known “chocolate capital.”

Lindt&Sprüngli/Michel Jaussi

A chocolate production exhibit shows off the latest technology that master chocolatiers use to turn the beans into cocoa liquor, and then liquid chocolate into bars and pralines.

The museum is offering guided tours as well as self-guided audio tours. The Home of Chocolate also offers several classes, including one on how to make your own fine chocolate bars and another that focuses on pralines and truffles.

In the “Chocolate Heaven” tasting room, visitors can indulge in Lindt treats. Meanwhile, in the Chocolateria guests can create their own cocoa treats with the help of chocolatiers. Of course, you can pick up treats to take home as souvenirs from the museum’s gift store, Lindt Chocolate Shop.


Given that international travel is largely restricted now because of COVID-19, a visit to the Home of Chocolate falls into the category of a dream trip for the future. But if you’re looking for some chocolate experiences closer to home, there are a few worth checking out in the United States.

The Chocolate Museum and Cafe in Orlando, Florida, for instance, has 25 sculptures carved out of chocolate as well as chocolates sourced from around the world. Or check out The Hershey Story in Pennsylvania, which tells the story of chocolatier Milton S. Hershey, and has a Chocolate Lab and flights of warm drinking chocolates from around the world.

Anyone else convinced chocolate tourism could be the next travel trend?

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