Lindt is making new Valentine’s Day truffles with dark chocolate and strawberry


The holidays are behind us, but don’t despair. We still have Valentine’s Day on the horizon, and whether you are single or coupled up, you can enjoy all the limited-edition candy flavors that Cupid sends our way this time of year.

Lindt Lindor is giving us a decadent new chocolate treat for the Valentine’s Day season: strawberry dark chocolate truffles. A delicious dark chocolate outer shell hides a smooth strawberry filling that melts in your mouth when you bite into it.

New for 2020, this limited-edition chocolate candy could become a favorite, though the competition is steep: Lindt is also bringing back its strawberries and cream white chocolate truffles. Individually wrapped in pastel pink foil, these candies have a white chocolate shell that is infused with bits of strawberry. The inside is filled with strawberries and cream.

You can find 6-ounce bags of the Lindt Valentine’s Day flavors — strawberry dark chocolate truffles or strawberries and cream white chocolate truffles — at Target for $4.79.


Lindt also packages these truffles in a little heart-shaped box, and if you want to have a bunch of these yummy sweets on hand for gifts, you can pick up eight of the 3.4-ounce hearts on Amazon for $42.33.


Lindt also has other great offerings you can bring home, like their Valentine’s Day Gourmet truffles box. The box includes truffles in a variety of flavors including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, extra dark chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut and dark caramel chocolate. The 7.3-ounce box is $9.99 at Target.


Ghirardelli fans can pick up their Sweethearts premium chocolate assortment for $9.99 at Target. This 4-ounce heart-shaped box includes four flavors: chocolate hazelnut cream with toffee bits, milk chocolate filled with caramel cream, chocolate almond cream, dark chocolate filled with cacao nibs in cream.


Whether you are buying candy for your Valentine or yourself, you can’t go wrong with these limited-edition treats!

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