Mentalist On The ‘Late Late Show’ Reads Celebrities’ Minds

If you’re the skeptical type, self-proclaimed mentalist Lior Suchard just might make you rethink mind-reading abilities.

Appearing on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” last year, Suchard explained he uses his five senses to create a kind of “sixth sense,” which allows him to actually read others’ minds.

He demonstrated his powers on fellow guests Harry Connick, Jr. and Alice Eve, and they seemed pretty shocked by the results. First, he correctly guessed Connick’s bank account pin number.

He then instructs both Corden and Eve to draw a simple picture, but he doesn’t tell them what to draw. Meanwhile, Suchard sketches his idea of what their drawings will look like. When Eve reveals her picture, the resemblance is uncanny!

Watch the whole astounding clip below:

Suchard ends the segment by turning his seemingly magical powers upon the audience, instructing them to also draw a picture. When they reveal their pictures, well, it’s astonishing. The entire audience has drawn the exact same thing.

The weirdest part is, while watching this video, I wondered what I might draw, and I also envisioned scrawling the same picture that the audience did. Hmm, there may be a method to Suchard’s madness!

lior suchard photo
Getty Images | Dimitrios Kambouris

So how does he do it? Suchard says it’s not trickery, and it’s not magic. According to him, he has trained his mind to home in and focus.

“It’s the difference between a flashlight and a laser beam. Both are light, but the laser beam is much more focused so you can see more. If you can focus your mind, you can do the same,” Suchard explained to the Huffington Post.

So what do you think? Does Lior Suchard really have a special gift, or is it all a big hoax?


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