This Lipstick-Filled Advent Calendar Is The Best Gift For Makeup Lovers

Advent calendars have been one of my favorite parts of Christmas since I was a little girl. Now that they’ve been given a super fun adult upgrade, I definitely don’t mind parting with the chocolate-filled kid version—and neither will you when you find out what NYX Cosmetics has in store.

They’ve created a beauty product-filled calendar called the Box of Goodies Advent Calendar, and you’re going to love it so much that you might just open all 24 items at once! Because when something this good is in your possession, well, it’s hard to be patient. I’ll try my best, though.

The calendar is filled with 12 different lipsticks and 12 different eyeshadows that are meant to be opened and tested one day at a time throughout December. It’s available at Ulta Beauty for $49.99, and you’re not going to want to miss out. Be sure you’ve stocked up on one for yourself by the time Dec. 1 rolls around. You know, so you can take the 24 full days to enjoy it.

According to the retailer, this is a $75 value, so when you shop this set, you’re not only getting makeup items in bulk, you’re also getting a major discount. And that’s the best of both worlds.


Box of Goodies Advent Calendar, $49.99, Ulta Beauty

The advent calendar includes mini products from their Lip Lingerie Line as well as shimmery and matte shadows. The eyeshadows are neutral colors, so they’re sure to be easy to wear with all of your holiday ensembles.

Plus, for nearly every other day throughout December, you’ll also be able to slick on a new lipstick, and for the beauty-obsessed, it just doesn’t get better than that. All in all, sounds like this set’s got everything you need to perfect your holiday beauty look.

Give yourself the gift of NYX makeup this season. You deserve a little something special this December.

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