Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Books Are Coming, Prepare For A Full-On ’90s Revival

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Get ready to relive your past because not only are the Backstreet Boys coming out with new music, but Lisa Frank is also releasing an adult coloring book. So, yeah. The ‘90s are officially here all over again.

But this time around we’re only keeping the best parts. The denim on denim, the boy bands and the fantastic unicorn candy land coloring world that is Lisa Frank, of course.

lisa frank 3

The fact that the company is now catering to adults just goes to show that it knows who its true fans are. Because there isn’t a ‘90s kid who didn’t have a Lisa Frank book bag, binder and pencil case, you know?

The brand announced the upcoming coloring book via Instagram, and while an exact date wasn’t released, it should be coming very soon.

Get ready to unlock an entirely magical world again because if you thought Lisa Frank was good as a kid, you’re really going to love it now.

In case you hadn’t heard, there are tons of benefits to adult coloring. Nothing does the soul quite as good as a ‘90s jam session and going crazy with some colored pencils.

lisa frank 2

Seriously, though. What more could you ask for in life?

Can’t wait for the adult coloring books to be released? You can buy Lisa Frank coloring books (technically for kids) now on Amazon.

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