If You Love Books, Add This Literary Hotel To Your Bucket List

When choosing hotels, you usually pay attention to factors such as room size, location and whether it has a decent onsite restaurant.

But there are certain hotels out there that are destinations in of themselves. Such is the case for one boutique hotel in Portugal, where your experience extends beyond being just a place to rest your head at night after a long day touring.

The Literary Man Hotel in the medieval village of Obidos, northwest of Lisbon, is filled with books. In fact, the entire hotel is a bookstore and library, with walls stacked with books everywhere you look.

The Literary Man

The hotel currently own 45,000-100,000 books, and their collection will continue to grow. Whether you’re a fan of fiction, history, poetry or even cookbooks, there’s a book for you somewhere in this hotel.

The Literary Man

Even better yet, the book theme doesn’t just stop at the wall decor. The cocktail lounge and restaurant offers drinks named after literary legends, and there are comfortable leather chairs and soft lighting to emanate the feel of a library. As you can imagine, the rooms are cozy and perfect for cuddling up and reading, and they’re even made with eco-friendly, reused materials.


The medieval town features Obidos castle and is still nestled into ancient walls. The Literary Man Hotel is right off of the main street in Obidos, making it a great choice to explore the ancient city.

Flickr | Jean-Michel Brunet

You can get to Obidos from Lisbon in about an hour, if you’re traveling by car, or in about two and a half hours, if you take a bus. Once you’re there, it’s less than a half-hour to the coast, if you’re looking for some sand and sea along with your literary visit.

If this all sounds like a dream to you, you can book a room at the hotel’s website, www.literaryman.pt. With all that reading material at your disposable, you may end up having to forcing yourself to get up and go out to see the rest of the city!