Watch this little boy perform for an imaginary crowd in his backyard

If the key to success is to dance like nobody’s watching and sing like no one is listening, then one little boy from Arizona is bound to be a superstar.

Jackson was caught performing in front of an imaginary crowd in his backyard, and his act couldn’t be more adorable. His dad posted the video to Facebook, with the caption, “Caught him in his element. Performing to his imaginary sold out stadium.” So far, little Jackson’s “concert” has racked up over 31 million views and 325,000 shares. That’s quite the fanbase for a preschooler!

He sang George Strait’s “Heartland,” and not only does he have the lyrics and the southern twang down pat, but he’s dressed for the part, too, wearing jeans, a plaid shirt, boots and a cowboy hat that he tips while belting out the song.

Check out his adorable performance below:

People on Facebook are loving the video, and chiming in with comments like, “That is the cutest little man I’ve ever see,” and “Ima [sic] need to grab a ticket for lil mans [sic] next performance.”

This isn’t the only time Jackson’s dad has posted videos of his son showing off his country roots. Watch below to see his bull-riding skills:

Between that and his singing skills, when he’s old enough to sell out arenas we want front row seats!

It’s amazing to see kids passionate about things at such an early age, and with a little hard work and practice, they’ll be able to make their dreams come true. Whether it’s selling out arenas or being in the marching band, these kids know what they want, and they’re going after it.

Just look at this little boy’s routine. There’s no way he won’t be a Buckeye someday!

So, parents, as far as we’re concerned, you can keep the adorable videos coming! Because it just doesn’t get cuter than sweet kiddos showing off their talents.