This little boy with a rare disease has an inspiring positive attitude

Meet Giovanni. He’s a 10-year-old boy living with Schwartz Jampel Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes abnormalities in muscle and bone development and can affect growth. Patients suffer with stiff muscles and compromised joints that can make crawling, sitting and walking difficult. The condition is so rare that only approximately 85 cases have been reported.

According to his Facebook page, Giovanni was diagnosed at the age of 2. He has since undergone several surgeries, and takes medication to help manage his disease. Giovanni appeared alongside another young boy with the syndrome on TLC’s “Two In A Million.

Despite the hardships he’s faced so far in his short decade of life, Giovanni retains a surprising and inspiring positive attitude, which is documented through his social media accounts. I mean, look at this little guy:

Check out this heartwarming video from A Plus and Chicken Soup for the Soul that shows a bit of Giovanni’s approach to life that makes him so special:

On Christmas Eve, Giovanni received a very special surprise in the form of a phone call from some of his favorite Philadelphia Eagles players. It’s clear from the little boy’s reaction that he greatly appreciated the kind gesture.

On Valentine’s Day, Giovanni had a very special message of love in honor of the holiday, telling his followers, “Be kind to one another. Hug a stranger and forgive those who have hurt you”:

When the Eagles pulled off a Super Bowl win, a fundraiser was organized in order for Giovanni to attend the parade celebrating his favorite team’s win. Giovanni was super grateful, and appeared in a video thanking everyone for the generosity that allowed his dream to come true:

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Giovanni took the opportunity to send a message about the importance of not judging others and spreading love and kindness:

What an inspiring young man! We can all learn something from Giovanni’s awesome positive attitude.