This Little Boy’s Laugh Attack Is The Best Thing Ever Caught On Video

OK, there are a lot of great videos circulating on the internet, each of them begging you to stop what you’re doing and watchrightnow!

But, believe me when I tell you, you MUST stop what you’re doing right now and watch this video of a little boy’s thorough and infectious amusement during music class. He can’t stop laughing, and after watching, I can’t either.

The video was filmed at an early childhood center in New York, and it shows one very happy little boy having the best time ever during a musician-led sing-a-long with his class. We’re talking a red-faced, knee-slapping laugh attack here.

I think my favorite part is seeing how his unbridled joy spreads to his fellow classmates. Knowing what we do about the power of laughter, do yourself a favor and have a good laugh with this little cutie.