Little Caesars is Bringing Back Deep-Dish Bacon-Wrapped Pizza

Little Caesars

The best thing about pizza (aside from the fact that it’s, you know, pizza) is how different it tastes depending on where you get it or whether you make it yourself. From the sauce to the dough and what toppings you choose, you can probably eat pizza every day and still create infinite variations. If the crust is your favorite part, you can even jazz that up by stuffing it with cheese and adding seasonings like parmesan or ranch.

Of, if you’re Little Caesars, just scratch all that and wrap the whole pizza in bacon.

You read that right — Little Caesars’ Bacon Wrapped DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza is officially back nationwide for a limited time! It’ll cost you $12 and can order it all day, every day. You can also pick it up as a walk-in item from 4-8 p.m.

Little Caesars

The eight-corner pizza is wrapped in more than 3 1/2 feet of whole strips of bacon. It’s topped with pepperoni, cheese and (of course) more bacon. Little Caesars says its deep dish pizza, which you can also get without bacon, is a nod to the company’s hometown. It’s modeled after a Detroit-style pie, which gets its crispy edges and chewy texture from being baked in a custom metal pan.

This isn’t the only fan-favorite pizza Little Caesars has brought back in 2019. After disappearing from the menu four years ago, the Pretzel Crust Pizza returned in February.

Little Caesars

Will you be heading to your local Little Caesars to try a bacon-wrapped deep dish pizza?


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