This 5-Year-Old Loves Costco So Much She Had A Costco-Themed Birthday Party

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Costco is great for so many reasons: Saving money on groceries, buying in bulk, and endless free samples make for the ultimate shopping experience, and apparently—the ultimate birthday party, too. Five-year-old Kimber Walker asked for a Costco-themed birthday party because clearly, little miss Walker is already quite the savvy shopper!

Her mom, Niki Walker, just couldn’t refuse a request like that, so she pulled out all of the stops to make this party everything she’d hoped for and more.

The party featured (of course) free samples and a cake complete with the Costco logo. The actual set-up was designed just like the store, too. I’m talking—you had to buy everything you wanted to eat at the party.

The purchase didn’t require real money, however. Instead, Niki provided membership cards and money with Kimber’s face printed on each bill to make check-out go smoothly. No one wants to get held up in the grocery store line, you know?

Kimber was also named employee of the month and even got her very own name tag. “[During a trip to the store] we told them that she was going to have a Costco-themed birthday party and asked if they would print her … an employee badge,” Niki told TODAY. “She wore it the rest of the time there and pointed it out to all the employees.”

Apparently, it took two years of begging before Niki finally gave in and let her daughter throw this store-themed shindig. She told Popsugar Kimber went through a lot of medical complications in the past year and really deserved to have this type of birthday, if that’s what she wanted.

“She loves Costco so much. She loves the pizza and the samples,” Niki told Popsugar.

Sounds like a perfect party for anyone, no matter their age, if you ask me. Because I’m with Kimber on this one. You just can’t beat the free samples. So, who’s prepping my Costco-themed party? I’ll be waiting.


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