Little girl gets sweet reaction to her new prosthetic leg

Seven-year-old Anu made quite the entrance to her Birmingham, England, school playground the other day. She wasn’t wearing the latest fashion trend or carrying the coolest toy on store shelves, though. Anu strolled in on her new, pink prosthetic leg, and her friends couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

BBC Midlands Today posted a video showing how Anu’s friends celebrated the girl’s new leg, and it is about the sweetest thing you’ve seen in a while.

“Look what happened when she showed her friends her new sports blade,” said BBC Midlands Today on its Twitter post. “It’s just gorgeous!”

Pretty Prosthetic Leg Welcomed With Open Arms

In the adorable 41-second video, you can see Anu make her grand appearance and all the girls rush over in awe.

“Is that your new pink leg?!” one of the little girls asks Anu as the group surrounds her.

Anu proudly shows it off to her friends, who ooh, ahh and even “wow” over it.

Suddenly, one of the girls can’t contain her excitement anymore and just throws her arms around Anu and gives her a hug.

Have you grabbed a tissue yet? Wait, it gets better.

“Want to see it run?” Anu asks just before she take off around the playground. Her friends quickly follow behind.

New Leg Possible Thanks To Government Program

Anu had her right leg amputated shortly after birth, according to an NPR report. Her umbilical cord got wrapped too tightly around her leg and cut off its blood circulation. The little girl not only survived the trauma, but thrived as she grew up.

Over the years, Anu had a regular prosthetic leg to get around. The basic prosthetic limited her mobility, leaving her unable to truly run, dance and play the way most children can at that age. A new British government program helped Anu receive a new sports blade model. The program set aside about $2 million to help provide new, “active limbs” for about 500 children. With each of these limbs costing from $5,000 on up, the funding made the seemingly impossible a reality for Anu.



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