This Little Girl’s Mama Coco Costume Is Totally Spot-On

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Disney’s animated film “Coco” debuted in movies theaters in November 2017,  introducing many people to Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead). An important part of Mexican culture, Día de los Muertos is a holiday when families honor relatives who have passed away and leave brightly-colored gifts at their grave sites.

Día de los Muertos falls on Halloween, although the two holidays are unaffiliated. But one family has found a way to combine the two: this perfect Mama Coco costume.

While most of us are still just thinking about our outfits for October 31, one little girl in Texas already has her “Coco” costume nailed:

Twitter user @n_castilleja, whose name is Alejandro, shared this photo of his 5-year-old sister Khloe dressed up as Mama Coco. He revealed that their mom had done the young girl’s makeup to make her look like the great-grandmother character.

The photos went viral, racking up over 157,000 likes on Twitter alone. According to the Houston Chronicle, Khloe’s mom, Noraelia Rodriguez, was inspired to create the look after finding the gray hair color spray, left over from last Halloween, in a bathroom drawer. Since Khloe’s nickname is “Koko,” and both mom and daughter love the Disney movie, they decided to create the look just for fun.

Rodriguez braided her daughter’s hair and used a contouring palette to make elderly-looking wrinkles. The whole process reportedly only took about 12 minutes to create, and Khloe loved the costume so much that she didn’t want to take it off for bedtime.

“We were not expecting it would go viral like this,” Rodriguez told NBC’s “Today” of the photos. “It is just unreal.”

Later, Rodriguez decided to do an encore photo shoot, featuring their cousin dressed as the movie’s main character Miguel and a dog as Dante, Miguel’s furry side-kick. Alejandro tweeted those pictures as well:

The family said they will dress up in their costumes again for Halloween. For those of us that are less talented at makeup, you can also buy “Coco”-themed costumes and masks online.