Little girl wears green dress for school pictures in front of green screen and the results are hilarious

School pictures these days are typically shot in front of a green screen. So when Pennsylvania first-grader Addison Pyle showed up for picture day in a pretty green dress, the resulting photos were pretty hilarious.

Addison’s mom, Laura Pyle, let her pick out her own outfit for picture day. Since the green dress was her daughter’s favorite, she thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until she received an email of the photo proofs that she realized what a funny mistake the dress had been. Because the dress was green, it blended in with each and every one of the 87 backgrounds the photography company offered.

Pyle took to Facebook to share screenshots of the hilariously adorable photos and explaining how the blunder came to be:

Warning: The social media post below contains profanity. 

Pyle’s post has since gone viral and has been shared more than 11,000 times.

In an essay for Love What Matters, Pyle explained that although she didn’t intend for the pictures to turn out the way that they did, they ended up beautifully capturing her daughter’s essence.

“Addy’s photos perfectly fit her Addy-tude, and our entire family cannot help but laugh over how amazing and hilarious they are,” she wrote. “Where some might be upset, my husband and I definitely find the humor in our story, and Addison absolutely loves looking through them. This is an event we will cherish and laugh about as a family for years to come.”

She continued: “School photos don’t have to be such a serious thing. As a mother, I am so proud that my daughter was able to see these photos and find joy and humor in them. My husband and I hope to continue teaching our children that while life can be stressful, you can always find happiness in little things, even unintentional mishaps involving a green dress.”

Pyle posted an update about the story to Facebook, noting that she is “humbled by all the wonderful comments and responses” she’s received.

As it turns out, Addison is not the only kid to have accidentally blended in with the green screen on picture day this year. Missouri mom Laurel Boone Hutsell also took to Facebook to share photos of her son Carter blending in with the various backgrounds, thanks to the neon green polo he wore that day. She humorously wrote in the post: “They used a green screen? What?! I probably should have read some fine print.”

Too funny! Which background is your favorite?


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