This little girl’s headless costume is one for the books


It’s common for children to wear a Halloween costume that falls into the categories of farm animals, popular characters or adorable Halloween icons like pumpkins and witches. It’s not every day that a little one pulls off a costume that is both totally original and downright creepy.

However, such was the case for Maya, a young girl from Southbay Village, Philippines, who went trick-or-treating this past weekend and dressed as a headless girl in a flower dress.

On Instagram, Maya’s mother, Krystel Hwang, shared a video of Maya walking around her neighborhood, carrying her “decapitated” head on a plate and it is … epic.

Pretty amazing, right? Also convenient: Maya’s missing head means her “neck” could double as a place to store her Halloween treats. Watch this Instagram video from her mom as Maya approaches a neighbor’s house and the woman pops a bag of chips into the place where Maya’s head once was:

Maya’s sister also killed it in a butcher costume — literally. Look at this seriously spooky Instagram photo posted by her mom.

Of course, while the kids are fantastic, it’s Krystel Hwang who should take some serious credit for designing her kids’ costumes. In an Instagram post shared this weekend, Hwang said Maya was a good sport about all of it, “even when I had to wrap her with strips and strips of duct tape to form the fake body.”

Needless to say, this family definitely wins Halloween this year!

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