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Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’ Pool Party Collection Will Make Your Childhood Dreams Come True

These are so cute! Get ready to start 'devotin' full-time to floatin' under the sea!'

If you live in the Midwest like I do, you might be looking out at the window at your snow-covered surroundings and thinking: “Is summer EVER going to come?”

Well, as impossible as it might seem, warm weather really is in our future. Until then,  get yourself in a summer-y mood by checking out Disney’s new “The Little Mermaid“-themed pool collection. It will have you singing the lyrics to “Under the Sea” at full volume!

The new pool collection is not just limited to amazing pool floaties. It also includes some awesome summer lifestyle wear, such as towels, beach bags, tank tops, t-shirts and leggings.

Here’s a baseball hat ($14.95) dedicated to the evil eels, Flotsam and Jetsam:

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“The Little Mermaid” pool collection boasts some positively ingenious items like this waterproof phone holder ($12.95). Now you can take selfies by the pool with your favorite flounders without fear of getting your phone wet!

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This “The Little Mermaid” drink sleeve set ($9.95) will help keep your cans of rosé cool as you float the day away.

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If you’re planning a summer pool party, then you definitely need the Ariel light-up bluetooth speaker ($29.95), which allows you to blast your favorite crustacean band! The speakers give off beautiful rainbow colors while playing music, so you can really pretend you are under the sea.

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My personal favorite? “The Little Mermaid” inflatable cup holders ($12.95 for three)! These baby seahorses are adorable as well as functional. Never again do you have to get out of the water just to have a sip of your favorite beverage, or prop yourself up on the bumpy concrete side of the pool just to get a drink.

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Truly, this “Little Mermaid” pool collection has everything but a dinglehopper and a snarfblatt! Check out all the items for living your best mermaid life over at Oh My Disney.