This Little Ring Bearer Fell Asleep On His Way Down The Aisle

Incorporating small children into your wedding party can be a bit tricky—just ask this mom who tried to have her son carry the rings down the aisle during the ceremony. This little ring bearer literally fell asleep on the job, deciding to take a nap as he came down the aisle.

His choice to get a little shut eye right then and there was hilarious, but definitely wasn’t a part of the plan.

OK, so here’s how it was supposed to go down: The little boy, Maxen, was all set up in a toy vintage car to “drive the rings down the aisle” to the couple. Simple, right? Well, yes—except for the fact that it was nap time!

Maxen is actually the son of the bride, Roselee Sadek (now Roselee Pierce) and she posted videos of the little ring bearer’s mishap on Instagram. She captioned the video, “Best entrance ever!! My son was sleepy.” So clearly, this provided a welcomed laugh on her big day.

In the video, you’ll see the wedding guests can’t help but get tickled about the little guy needing to get some sleep. Some folks are even commenting on Instagram suggesting, “Please enter this in ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’ I think you could win! Love this! So cute!!” Because yes—the moment was that adorable and hilarious.

Children will often hold out as long as they can, but sometimes, they just can’t wait a second longer to get to sleep and those moments make for some of the funniest videos online.

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Kids fall asleep in the darnedest places, don’t they?! Well, it’s tiring work being a a kid!