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8 Little Ways To Clean Your House That Make A Big Difference

Do these small things to help keep you house cleaner, longer.

Making sure your house is clean can seem daunting, especially if you let it sneak up on you. If you’re the kind of person that only does a really deep “spring cleaning” once a year, then it really can be an overwhelming task to get your space looking spic and span.

But, if you clean in little ways over time, you will help keep things from getting so dirty that it takes hours of scrubbing to really have your home looking good again.

I once read that it was a good idea to clean for 30 minutes each and every evening, and I think this is a pretty life-changing rule to live by.

It’s not hard to find 20-30 minutes to tidy up, and if you do, you’ll find that things stay much cleaner for much longer. During those minutes you’ve set aside to clean, try doing these 8 things to make your life so much more enjoyable in between those deep cleaning sessions.

You’ll be loving your home again in not time with these simple little adjustments.

1. Open The Refrigerator Before Taking Out The Trash

This is a brilliant technique to help make sure that you’re both cleaning out your fridge regularly and not letting odors accumulate by tossing things in the trash days before it’s time to take it out.


2. Soak Pots & Pans Before Sitting Down To Dinner

If you soak your dirty pots and pans as soon as you’re done using them, it will make after dinner clean-up so much easier.


3. Do A Round Of Picking Up Clutter

Any mail or trash that you have lying around should get thrown away as soon as possible to keep from having it pile up over time.


4. Fold Blankets

If you’ve got blankets lying around in your bedroom or living room, be sure to fold them once you’re done using them. It’ll change the appearance of the whole room, and it takes you no time at all to complete this task. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did it.


5. Clean The Bathroom Once A Week

Give the bathroom a good cleaning once a week to keep shower grime and more from building up over time.