Live Like Spongebob Squarepants In This Pineapple-Shaped Villa


If you’ve ever dreamt of calling Bikini Bottom “home,” now’s your chance. You can live exactly like Spongebob Squarepants, pineapple and all, when you stay at the Nickelodeon Resorts in Punta Cana.

Because, yes. They have a pineapple-shaped villa. And it’s almost an exact replica of Spongebob’s home. This time, though, there are some modern amenities. You know, like a personal butler to make sure your stay is comfortable. No big deal.

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Now, let’s talk price before you get too excited. While it’s unclear from the Nick Resorts website, Distractify reports that a stay at this pineapple lodge will run you $3,800 a night. Whoa! I suppose that Spongebob lifestyle just doesn’t come cheap.

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The house comes with a replica of Gary, a pool and all of the deep sea-inspired décor you could handle. It’s also over 2,000 square feet and sleeps six, according to the resort’s website.

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So, a day in the life of good ol’ Mr. Squarepants really doesn’t seem so bad. Who’s ready to split the price with me? My bags are packed.

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I can just picture it. Living in the lap of luxury and pretending to wave to Squidward next door. Yep, that’s the life.

I’m more than ready to live in a pineapple because this is as close to living in Bikini Bottom as I’ll ever be.

[h/t: Distractify]


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