This genius device makes it easy to take professional-looking photos of your kids with your phone

Look at Mommy

Trying to get your kids to sit still and stay focused long enough to snap a high-quality photo of them is easier said than done. But with this clever device, you won’t have to repeatedly say, “Look at mommy,” while trying to capture the perfect shot.

The appropriately named Look At Mommy LED phone accessory allows you to take professional-looking photos of your kids right your phone. So, you know what that means—you can skip the expensive photography session for this year’s Christmas card photo!

This tool easily clips on to any phone, provides soft lighting to enhance photos and will capture the interest of your children long enough for you to get a great shot of them sitting still (a rare occurrence, we know).

So, is this the miracle product your special occasions have been missing? It certainly seems that way. See it in action below:

The snap-on accessory retails for $27.95 on the Look At Mommy website, and when you enter promo code intro20, you’ll be able to snag it for 20 percent off. Not a bad deal for picture-perfect memories of your kiddos!

Even professional photographers understand the struggle of getting children to cooperate for the camera. But there are definitely some tricks you can usethe next time you’re out to get a great shot of your kids.

Look At Mommy

Having a product like the Look At Mommy LED is certainly one of those tricks, but another great piece of advice is to set your kid up with a fun activity and get photos that way.

According to professional photographer and mom of two Heather Forbes, you could certainly try to get a photograph of your child sitting still with their hands in their lap, but that’s nearly impossible. Instead, the best route to take is to keep them busy and engaged and then snap away!

“If you take your child outside or have her play a game on the floor or blow some bubbles, and then you go ahead and snap 100 photos, you’re going to have a money shot in there somewhere—once your child forgets you’re taking photos. The biggest mistake is giving up too quickly,” she told Baby Center.

So, with this advice and a silly-looking LED light that’s sure to get your kids’ attention, you’ll be taking professional-level photos in no time!

Of course, the clip-on LED light isn’t an entirely new invention. You can purchase other models for under $10 on Amazon. (The Look at Mommy version just so happens to have a colorful character on top that could come in handy for getting little ones to, well look at mommy!)


Alright, now that you know how to get professional-looking snaps—gather up the family and have them say, “cheese!”

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