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Twinkies Ice Cream And Other New Flavors You’ll Want To Try Straight Away

Bring it on, freezer aisle!

It’s time to head to your nearest freezer aisle because some very special ice cream flavors are coming your way in 2017. Brace yourselves because they almost sound too good to be true.

Thanks to a photo snapped by The Impulsive Buy Twitter account, we now know of a magical frozen treat that apparently exists: Twinkies ice cream. How has this not existed sooner, you may be asking, and just know that we’re with you on that one.

But, as the Twitter post suggests, these pints may have hit some locations a little early. So far they’ve only been spotted at a grocery store in Ohio! There are reportedly three Hostess flavors to come in addition to a classic favorite, Twinkies. Also expect: SnoBalls, CupCakes and DingDongs. So, no matter what kind of Hostess treat you’re into—there’s an ice cream for you!

The good news is that a Nestle spokesperson confirmed that the treats would be available for a limited time at Dollar General and in certain other convenience stores. You can expect to find this goodness in select stores from February through May in 2017!

And the good news doesn’t stop there! Ben & Jerry’s also has some incredible new flavor combos rolling out this year. According to their website, Truffle Kerfuffle, Urban Bourbon and Oat of this Swirled will be coming to stores this spring.

Typical to the Ben & Jerry’s brand, those names are fun, but not necessarily super telling of what the ice cream will taste like. So, let’s get into the full breakdown, shall we? Oh yeah.