Lorac’s Beauty and the Beast Makeup Collection is now available at Ulta

“Beauty and the Beast” may be a tale as old as time, but a makeup line inspired by the love story is certainly a new development. And now that Lorac Cosmetics has released a Beauty and the Beast makeup collection, available for purchase at Ulta, if you love the the story and film, you’re going to want to get your hands on it!

After the live-action version of the Disney classic hit screens, fans couldn’t stop buzzing about Belle, the Beast and all of the other beloved characters again, and that even seeped into the beauty realm.

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Lorac Cosmetics is responsible for bringing all of your “Beauty and the Beast” makeup dreams to life. The collection was such a hit, that two of the four items in the range are currently sold out on the Lorac Cosmetics website.

But, the entire collection is now available online at Ulta, so you can shop all of this Belle-inspired beauty there too!

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The collection contains an eye shadow palette that houses 16 different shades and comes equipped with a brush and mirror. It’s shaped like a storybook (seriously, so cute!), and it is retailing for $48.

Courtesy Ulta

There’s also a cheek palette filled with gorgeous highlighting hues that’s going for just $28.

Courtesy Ulta

Last, but certainly not least, there are two lip bundles up for grabs. One contains five different lipsticks and retails for $36.

Courtesy Ulta

The other holds five lip glosses, and is $34. So, whether you’re into high shine or creamy pigment—there’s a lip option for you.

Courtesy Ulta

These makeup items will soon be available to shop at Kohl’s as well, so there will be multiple ways for you to get your hands on your favorites from the line.

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We think “Beauty and the Beast” makeup has the potential to be just as magical as the story itself! So, who’s ready for fairy tale glam? Head over to the Ulta Beauty website to get a makeover fit for a Disney princess!