‘Love Bugs’ are a fun, easy Valentine’s Day craft project to make with your kids

Valentine’s Day can be so much fun for families. From picking out the perfect valentines for your child’s classmates to all the fun crafts you can create together, the holiday provides so many opportunities for your little ones to show their love to others.

If you’re looking for crafts you and your kids can do together this Valentine’s Day, we suggest these adorable love bugs. They’re simple to make and are the perfect gift for your child’s favorite valentines.

Red Ted Art

These cute-as-a-button love bugs come from Red Ted Art and use common household items. The base of the bugs, for example, can be made with either empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls cut down to a smaller size. Just have your kids pick their favorite paint color so they can get busy beautifying those bugs!

Once the paint has dried, the bugs can be decorated in countless ways using construction paper, googly eyes, stickers, beads, pipe cleaners, washi tape, markers and more. The possibilities are endless, so make sure you have plenty of supplies to go around because we’re sure your kids will want to make lots of these little love bugs.

Adobe Stock

The creators at Red Ted Art do suggest using a skewer or other sharp, pointy object to poke holes in the paper rolls to put the bugs’ legs in place. So, make sure you’re nearby to do that for your little ones for safety reasons. Beyond that, kids of almost any age can have a blast building these bugs on their own with only their imaginations to limit them.

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Spread the love this Valentine’s Day!