We’re Loving These Unique Flatware Sets

When shopping for your kitchen, it’s tempting to just focus on getting pretty bowls and plates, but there’s no reason why you can’t get creative with your utensils. It’s easy to get stuck using the same old boring silverware, but why not bring some more excitement and character into your home with something a little different? If you’re sick of your plain old silverware, check out some of these six unique flatware sets that well be sure to impress all your guests and add a little something to your home decor.

1. 12-Piece Electroplated Flatware Set

If you’re into funky decor, you’ll love this shiny multicored electroplated flatware set. Who sad your forks and knives can’t stand out?

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters, $59

2. Yamazaki “Gone Fishin'” Stainless Steel Flatware

Show your love for the ocean with these stainless steel utensils shaped like your favorite sea creatures. These will go perfect with your baked salmon.

Ross Simons

Ross Simons, $349.95

3. Bronze Sapling Flatware

This beautiful bronze flatware set is shaped to look like little tree branches, and they look especially great with a rustic-looking dining table.

High Camp Home

High Camp Home, $77

4. Copper Top Flatware

These whimsical copper and white forks, spoons, and knives will brighten up any kitchen — and they’re perfect for dining al fresco or having a dinner party. Silver isn’t the only metal allowed!


Anthropologie, $78

5. Napoleon 5 Piece Flatware Set

If your kitchen needs a bit of a pop, try incorporating this pearl blue flatware set. With it’s shiny luminescent sheen, you’ll keep your decor’s elegance while also making it a bit more fun.


Wayfair, $7.99

6. Matte Black Flatware Set

Color isn’t everyone’s thing, and if you’re more into sleek and simple appliances, you’ll want to adorn your home with this matte black flatware set. Whether it’s for a bachelor pad or a modern apartment, you’ll be sure to be unique with these sharp utensils.

West Elm

West Elm, $31