Loaded Cauliflower Salad Is Just Like Potato Salad, But Without The Carbs

If you follow a low-carb diet, are Keto or just like to cut some carbs out now and then, you know there are three foods that make that pretty hard — bread, pasta and potatoes.

While bread and pasta are hard to avoid all year-round, potatoes are even more difficult to skip out on in the summer. After all, who doesn’t want to stop for a quick burger and fries on their way to their next outdoor adventure? And that barbecue you want to attend is bound to have a giant bowl of that seasonal staple, potato salad.

While I’m not strict about carbs, a giant helping of potato salad still makes me rethink my decisions. So, when I discovered you can use cauliflower as a guilt-free potato substitute and still feel like you’re eating potato salad, you better believe I made it instantly.

There are dozens of mock-potato salad recipe. But if you like cheese and bacon on your potato salad, this version from That Low Carb Life will do the trick. Just like regular potato salad, you’ll still use mayonnaise, onion, eggs and spices — it will just have much fewer carbs. And it adds grated cheddar and crispy bacon to the mix.

It all comes together in about 15 minutes, so it’s perfect if you need a quick dish to take to a cookout. You can find the full recipe at That Low Carb Life.

That Low Carb Life

If you don’t like cheese or bacon, you could, of course, just leave those out. Or, you could try this recipe from Skinnytaste, which is the first cauliflower “potato” salad I tried. This one also uses cauliflower in place of potatoes with traditional add-ons such as red onion and mayo. This version also includes a few different extra toppings, like chopped hard boiled eggs, pickles and dill.


Since it uses dill and pickle juice, this version will be heavier on the pickle flavor than the recipe from That Low Carb Life. But, I can confirm it is delicious, and you won’t miss the potatoes at all.

Plus, the recipe suggests you can refrigerate this salad for three to four days. So if you’re throwing a BBQ and want to make a yummy side dish, you can whip this up the day before and it’ll be ready to eat once the party rolls around!

Will you be trying a mock potato salad using cauliflower for your next outdoor party?