These low-Carb Reuben wraps are so tasty you won’t miss the bread

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Low-carb diets are all the rage right now, and though you might have quite a few paleo dinner recipes wired, there might be some things you’re still sorely missing in your low-carb lifestyle — sandwiches, for example.

A Reuben sandwich, with that classic combo of corned beef, rye, cabbage, cheese and creamy dressing, is typically off-limits on a low-carb diet. But with the right recipe, you can still have your favorite sandwich and not even miss the bread.

We’ve found a few recipes that substitute the bread, but not the beautiful flavors, the Reuben is known for by sandwich lovers.

The first recipe, shared by Sugar-Free Mom, has almost all of the essential Reuben sandwich elements: meat, cabbage, cheese and even the Thousand Island dressing. By blanching large leaves of cabbage, she creates the perfect way to wrap up everything that usually goes between the slices in a Reuben. Plus, her simple five-ingredient recipe for homemade Thousand Island dressing keeps what many consider the best part of the sandwich in a starring role. The secret to keeping it paleo? Sugar-free ketchup.

Sugar-Free Mom

The next option calls for wrapping your Reuben in lettuce. This recipe from Wanderlust and Wellness was originally shared as a St. Patrick’s Day dish, and it leans heavily on the corned beef to bring its best flavor forward. This is a no-nonsense Paleo dish thanks to the focus on protein and veggies in the romaine wrap. Jennifer’s post about this recipe recommends using a store-bought Paleo-friendly dressing (such as Sir Kensington’s) and putting it on the side.

Wanderlust and Wellness

However, you may really want that rye bread flavor as part of your Reuben experience. Christina Lianos posted her “Rye” Paleo Wrap at Fast Paleo, and it has an ingenious workaround for the bread: make a homemade wrap. Her “rye” caraway wraps are made with tapioca flour, eggs and caraway seeds. It’s so easy, and the extra few minutes will be worth it to get the famous rye flavor in your Reuben wrap.

Fast Paleo

Yum! So, will you be trying one of these low-carb sammie alternatives?


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