Lucky Charms has a limited St. Patrick’s Day edition with a new marshmallow blend

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Nothing beats starting your day with a big bowl of Lucky Charms — especially if that day happens to be St. Patrick’s Day. Sure, it’s not exactly traditional Irish fare, but I’m pretty sure my Irish ancestors didn’t drink Lucky Charms beer, either.

While the cereal already has shamrocks and horseshoes for luck, General Mills is upping their game this year, adding a brand new marshmallow just in time for Lucky the Leprechaun’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day!

Now through March, you’ll find green boxes of Lucky Charms in stores nationwide that feature a special, limited-edition marshmallow blend of pots of gold, green shamrocks and new gold coins. Lucky Charms showed off the special St. Paddy’s marshmallows on Instagram:


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‪🚨Limited edition alert!🚨 Grab this super magical box while you can!🍀 #magicallydelicious ‬

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The new blend can be found in either original Lucky Charms or chocolate Lucky Charms.

A Lucky Charms spokesperson tells Simplemost that along with the magical marshmallow blend, these special boxes include “leprechaun trap” designs on the back, so families can try to catch the elusive Lucky the Leprechaun at home.

General Mills

The other marshmallows that normally come in Lucky Charms are missing in the limited-edition cereal, so if you’re more into rainbows and moons, you’ll want to pick up the traditional red box instead of the special green one. The original boxes still have celebratory recipes on the back, though, as do boxes of Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes.

You could also use these Lucky Charms to make other delicious St. Patrick’s Day treats.

General Mills

This recipe for green Lucky Charms cake is covered in frosting, then coated in Lucky Charms marshmallows. The special edition Lucky Charms are a treat, though, so it would be reasonable to preserve the special marshmallows in the St. Patrick’s cereal and just buy cereal marshmallows (which are drier and not the same as regular marshmallows) for the cake. Fortunately, you can get a 2-pound bag of Anthony’s cereal marshmallow bits for $13.99 on Amazon. No more picking through the cereal to sort out the marshmallow bits! But no fancy marshmallow pots of gold, either.


You could also use the cereal to make Lucky Charms marshmallow treat bars. Just grab the cereal, some mini marshmallows and some butter … and green food coloring, if you want to give it some extra St. Paddy’s pop.

Will you be picking up a box of these special-edition Lucky Charms before they magically disappear from store shelves?

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