LuLaRoe and Disney team up for a new clothing line, social media frenzy ensues

Two brand powerhouses have decided to join forces. LuLaRoe and Disney announced a partnership to create a new fashion collection. That’s right, ladies! Now you can find your favorite leggings, shirts and dresses and show off your Disney love at the same time!

Big Announcement Made At Disney Park

On Thursday night, LuLaRoe took over Disney’s California Adventure theme park for a special event for its sales leaders and consultants. At the conclusion of the World of Color nightly performance, LuLaRoe representatives made the official announcement.

Shortly after the announcement, the online clothing company released an official video on social media.

Known as the “LuLaRoe Collection for Disney,” these clothes promise to bring together the best of both companies.

“This enchanting collection embodies the essence of Disney through apparel,” LuLaRoe said in an official statement on Facebook. “Enjoy prints that inspire imagination, possibilities, and the Disney fantasy we all love.”

Social Media Goes Crazy For #LuLaRoeDisney

Of course, with LuLaRoe already established as an online fashion sensation, news of the Disney partnership sent the internet into a frenzy.

Buying Restrictions For New LuLaRoe Disney Collection?

But, the word out on the internet may have some #LuLaRoeDisney fans a bit discouraged.

Normally, many LuLaRoe fans do their shopping virtually through private Facebook groups or other virtual groups. With the Disney collection, though, consultants may have to do things a little differently. According to blogger Fit Disney Mom, fans can only buy the Disney clothes at in-person, in-home parties.

While LuLaRoe has not confirmed this, a behind-the-scenes memo from the company seems to allude to special rules about these products.

LuLaRoe is thrilled to announce a collection with the Walt Disney Company, one of the world’s most imaginative and iconic brands!

That’s right, the LuLaRoe Collection for Disney brings Disney-inspired prints to LuLaRoe’s amazing fashion line! These exclusive pieces will soon be available for you to share with your excited customers!

A wide variety of Disney approved graphics and assets will be available for you to promote this collection!

As we release this collaboration, here are some things to keep in mind:

Special note: Independent Fashion Retailers will be provided with a promotional toolkit and approved guidelines that must be followed in all cases. Consenting to follow and then adhering to these guidelines that must be followed in all cases. Consenting to follow and then adhering to these guidelines are preconditions for Independent Retailers to purchase and sell the LuLaRoe Collection for Disney.

With online sellers trying to jack up LuLaRoe clothing prices on sites such as eBay, both Disney and the popular leggings company may want to limit sales methods.

LuLaRoe has not shared a specific date for the Disney collection release. However consultants want to get them in as soon as possible. So contact your favorite seller if you have to get your hands on these new fashion statements.