Lululemon Now Sells Sneakers

Now you can truly wear Lululemon head to toe

Listen up Lululemon lovers: The high-end athletic apparel brand can now outfit you head to toe, literally.

Best known for their coveted—albeit pricey—yoga pants, Lululemon has already had success selling other athletic staples. You know, headbands to hold back those ponytails while you drop into downward dog and sports bras that play that crucial “best-supporting” role during your high-impact workouts.

lululemon photo
Getty Images | Stuart C. Wilson

But shoes have been noticeably absent from Lululemon stores. Until now.

Lululemon has laced up a dream-team partnership with shoemaker Athletic Propulsion Labs footwear (APL), a brand the Kardashian sisters and other fashion icons like Olivia Palermo have often been spotted wearing on their way to and from the gym.

The only downside? The shoes will only be available at select brick and mortar Lululemon stores. In all, you’ll be able to find them at 23 stores, including retail locations in Los Angeles, New York City, Detroit, Denver, Nashville, Miami and Washington, D.C. You can find a full list of the Lululemon stores carrying the APL shoes here.

The shoes will be available for both men and women.

“We continue to invest in delivering the most innovative, quality, and functional items for our guests, so now we’re ‘stepping up’ by providing an APL option to complete a full technical ensemble,” states the press release from Lululemon announcing the partnership.

While the brands have collaborated, you won’t find any of Lululemon’s branding on the actual shoes.

As for the shoes, you’ve got options. A sneak peek of the stylish sneaks shows they come in neutral colors like white, navy, black, light grey and, brace for it, a rose gold. The shoes start at $150.

If you can’t get into one of the Lululemon stores, though, don’t sweat it. You can always buy other APL shoes online through APL’s site.

[H/t: Shape]